Take your summer to the next level!
Focus on your own leadership development and spiritual formation.

Complete the online application form using the link below. The application helps us understand who you are, what your experience has been, and what you’d like to do and learn this summer.

You must also submit a one-minute video introducing yourself and telling us why you want to be a FLOW Intern. Be as creative as you want!  Upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo or another viewing platform with an accessible link. Provide the link on your application form.

Achieving 100% FLOW...


Young Adult to Hire?

If you are a Be In Christ Church in Ontario and already have a young adult (age 18-25) to hire for Summer 2021, that individual automatically qualifies to be a FLOW intern.

To be a part of the FLOW program, the intern must attend ALL of the FLOW development days and retreats. These events are FREE for FLOW interns. There is no cost to you or them.

If you are hiring a young adult who you would like to be a part of the FLOW program, that is fantastic! Please contact us!

position to hire for?

We would love to hear from you! Fill out this simple Supervisor Interest Form to let us know the type of person and position you would like to hire for.

We will make our pool of applicants available to you. You can then decide who to interview and hire.

This opportunity is only available to Be In Christ churches in Ontario.

DUTy of supervisors?

You provide the internship job for a young adult. This involves providing a valuable work experience and mentoring them in their role, as well as paying them a fair wage. While we do not stipulate how much interns should be paid, we suggest that slightly above minimum wage is appropriate.

Supervisors agree to send their interns to all FLOW development days and retreats as a part of their working hours.


Our Development Days focus on high quality leadership development with seasoned leaders. FLOW interns attend these days as a part of their internship experience. As well, any young adult 18-25 can attend for just $20.

In addition, FLOW interns attend 4 retreats during the internship season. Packed full of practical content and engaging experiences, the retreats focus on personal spiritual formation, as well as the exploration of each person’s unique God-given abilities.