The FLOW Internship Program is an initiative to develop young Christian leaders. Young adults (age 18-25) are employed by our Be In Christ Churches throughout southern Ontario from May to August. During that time they attend high impact retreats focused on leadership development and spiritual formation.

It turns a “summer job” into a transformative personal development opportunity.

We believe that when people discover their unique God-given gifts, find ways to develop them in a safe setting, and follow where Jesus leads, they experience the FLOW they were designed for.

Our mission is to help young adults grow as leaders, realize their potential, and experience the significant role they can play in the world.


Why should you apply for FLOW? Our FLOW interns regularly describe this experience as incredibly transformative and life-changing. You gain a greater understanding of yourself and identify your key strengths and abilities. You get invaluable work experience, plus training in leadership and spiritual formation from professional coaches. Through it all, you build deep and meaningful relationships with like-minded peers. The best part? You are paid for all of it!


Be In Christ Church of Canada is a small denomination with a big heart to get behind a new wave of young leaders.

We began the FLOW Internship Program in 2015. Since then we’ve developed over 50 young Christian leaders who have served in our churches throughout southern Ontario, as well as our denominational camp, Camp Kahquah.

The Be In Christ Church of Canada (BIC) is a family of churches. We look a little different from each other, but we are united by our love of Jesus, love of each other, and our common vision.

Through our different expressions of faith – Community Churches, The Meeting House, and Reunion – we are reaching out in our communities to introduce new people to Jesus, show his compassion, and build his church.

In pursuit of our purpose, we are committed to developing transformational leaders. The FLOW Internship Program is a key part of this commitment.